Sunday, August 06, 2006

My First Solo Road Trip

Well, I recently just returned from my first solo road trip. I had a blast!! I traveled from Austin to Colorado Springs and back. The main purpose of the trip was to meet with a gallery owner that’s opening a gallery in Manitou Springs (right outside of Colorado Springs). She wants to exhibit my work there. I am very excited about this opportunity!!! I also took lots and lots of photos. Starbucks and Arby’s were the restaurants of choice for this road trip. Thank goodness for XM satellite radio and for books on tape!!!

Day 1: Saturday July 29, 2006
I joined AAA and then headed to Amarillo via I-35 and US 287 (87). This part of the trip was fairly uneventful. I didn’t stop to take any photos at all. My mission was just to get to Amarillo. I did stop by Arby’s and ordered a Jamocha shake and mozzarella cheese sticks (I Love Cheese). I arrived around midnight and stayed at a crappy hotel.

Day 2: Sunday July 30, 2006
I had planned to wake up at 5:30 and head out. LOL..that didn’t happen. I ended up waking around 7 or 8. I stopped at Starbucks and then went to Cadillac Ranch. It was really cool and colorful.
After Cadillac Ranch, I headed out on 287 (87) toward New Mexico. Along the way, I visited the Capulin Volcano in New Mexico. It is an inactive cinder cone volcano. I walked along the edge, and saw the remnants of old lava flows. It was really neat!

I stopped at Arby’s once again for a Jamocha Shake and cheese sticks. I drove into Colorado Springs around 6:30 or so. I had forgotten how beautiful Colorado is!! Once in Colorado Springs, I drove around hoping something would seem familiar to me, but it did not. Then again, when I attended the Academy, I didn’t get out much. As luck would have it, I was able to stay with a friend of a friend instead of at a hotel(Thanks Beth and Karen!!)

Day 3: Monday July 31, 2006
This day was full!!
First, I visited the Air Force Academy. I hadn’t been back in 16 years and I expected it to be a very emotional experience, and that I would be sad for having left it and the opportunities I would have had, had I stayed and graduated. It was not that way at all!! I found myself smiling at the buildings, especially the structure of the Chapel. I took several photos that would capture the beauty of this structure, which I will use in some upcoming pieces .

I found myself feeling very proud and happy of where I am today!! Life is good! I do wish I could have seen the cadets marching to lunch, but no cadets were there to do this, since school has not started for them.
Next, I spent several hours at the Garden of the Gods. I took lots and lots of photos. The rock formations are awesome!!

After the Garden of the Gods, I headed to the Fine Arts Center, but it was closed. Therefore, I went to Seven Falls. As the name indicates, it is a waterfall that has 7 small waterfalls to it. As I was leaving, I saw that the falls have colored lights that are turned on at night. I went back after dark.

I met with the owner of Colachi Arts at 6:30. I was excited and glad to meet with her. The gallery opens Aug. 19, 2006 in Manitou Springs. I left 3 pieces with her to be exhibited. I can now say that I am represented by a gallery, and Manitou is a great artsy place in which to be represented. If you happen to get to out that way, please stop by and see all the work there.

Day 4: Tuesday Aug. 1, 2006
I slept in and then left the Springs around 12:30. I took my time stopping along the way to see animals and the views.

The Royal Gorge was first on the list of places to stop on the way home. I was there for hours, taking pictures upon pictures upon pictures. If you haven’t been to the Royal Gorge, I suggest that you go.

After the Royal Gorge was the Pueblo Reservoir. I wasn’t there long as it began to storm and the sun was beginning to set.

I stayed in Springfield, CO for the night in a cute little family-owned hotel called the Stage Stop Hotel.

Day 5: Wednesday Aug. 2, 2006
While driving I listened to a book by Mary Higgins Clark, which was, ironically, about cadets, though the description didn’t explain this aspect. It was a good book.
Palo Duro Canyon was next on the list of places to stop. It was really cool! It’s like a mini grand canyon.

The last stopping point, other than home, was the San Angelo State Park.

Day 6: Thursday Aug. 3, 2006
I arrived home at 1:00 am. I love road trips!! I can’t wait to go on the next one!!