Friday, November 17, 2006

Washington DC & Baltimore

Friday October 13, 2006:
I flew a Southwest, non-stop flight to Baltimore, MD and arrived around 8 pm. Then I rented a car and drove to the Peggy's house in the DC area. I was so thankful that Peggy let me stay at her place. She was awesome! When I arrived, she drove me to downtown DC so that I could orient myself. We spent awhile just driving around. Since I had never been, I was mesmerized by the lights and by all of the memorials!

Saturday October 14, 2006:
The plan was to get up for sunrise. Ha Ha! I tried my best to wake up when it was still dark, but it wasn't completely black out when I left the house. I thought I had paid close attention to the way to downtown DC the night before, but apparently I had not. I exited the wrong road, and was all turned around. I did finally arrive downtown DC about 1/2 hour later. As I arrived, the sun was coming up brightly, and I stationed myself at the Iwo-Jima Memorial and took several shots from varying angles. I didn’t even know the new movie, Flags of Our Fathers, was coming out. Then I headed to the Netherlands Bell Tower. After the Netherlands Bell Tower, I needed (yes, needed) to find a Starbucks (yum). Found it! Next I wanted to get to the Lincoln Memorial, but the roads were blocked and I kept driving in circles. The road I needed to exit was blocked because the President was to attend the dedication of the new Air Force Memorial. The Iwo-Jima Memorial is not that far from the Lincoln Memorial, BUT, with the exit blocked, it took me at least 45 minutes to get there, as I kept driving in circles (again). I was never lost though, as the Washington Monument always gave me an orientation point. I didn’t take too many pictures at the Lincoln Memorial at this time because there were already many people there. I did get a pretty good Lincoln Memorial “white column” photograph though. It was at this time, that I dubbed the DC part of the voyage as the “White Column” trip, as there are many, many white column photos (I will spare you all of them). A walk to the Washington Monument was next, passing the new World War II Memorial along the way. I didn’t go to the top of the monument, as I was too late to get a ticket. After a brief nap back at Peggy’s, the Jefferson Memorial was next,. I captured several shots of the white columns here. Then I walked to the White House, where I was told I couldn’t use my tripod and also where some guy was shouting, “Thumbs up, or thumbs down for President Bush.” I was just there for the photographic opportunity, so I ignored the guy! After a hard dry pretzel with mustard in the park near the White House, I headed to the World War II memorial in hopes of some good sunset shots of the Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool. The colors of the sky and the light did yield some great shots, both of the Lincoln Memorial and of the Washington Monument behind me. After these shots, it was time to head home (Peggy’s).

Sunday October 15, 2006:
I did wake up in time for sunrise, but just barely. No roads were blocked, so I made it to the Lincoln Memorial easily, just in time for the awesome light of the morning. Starbucks was next, and then I headed to Union Station. The glass on the ceiling of Union Station allowed for great shades of blue. Then was the Capitol, where several “white column” photos were taken. The next stop was the Supreme Court with more “white columns.” After the Supreme Court, I stopped by the National Archives Building. The door to the building is HUGE! Once inside, it was neat to see the original documents of this country. The dossier specifically stated there is no map on the back of the Declaration of Independence, like there was in the movie National Treasure with Nicholas Cage. She said they had even photocopied the back to show people. After this stop, it was time to head to Baltimore!!

Saturday October 21, 2006:
I woke up early to get shots of the Inner Harbor. Baltimore, MD. The reflections on the water from the building lights and the morning sun were gorgeous. There was quietness, calmness and a serenity about the harbor that permitted contemplative thought while I watched the sun come up. Remember the guy yelling, "Thumbs up, Thumbs down for President Bush?" I saw him this morning in Baltimore too! Strange that I would see him twice. I guess it could have been another guy yelling the same thing, but something about the way he was saying it made me think it was the same guy. My next stop was the Naval Academy, but not for photos. Annapolis is a very quaint little town, and had I been able to spend more time there, I would have taken numerous photos. I’ll get them next time I am in the area. My last stop on this east coast adventure was the Inner Harbor once again for sunset photos. What beautiful light fell and reflected off the water and buildings!!!

Sunday October 22, 2006:
Home I went!