Friday, November 17, 2006

Washington DC & Baltimore

Friday October 13, 2006:
I flew a Southwest, non-stop flight to Baltimore, MD and arrived around 8 pm. Then I rented a car and drove to the Peggy's house in the DC area. I was so thankful that Peggy let me stay at her place. She was awesome! When I arrived, she drove me to downtown DC so that I could orient myself. We spent awhile just driving around. Since I had never been, I was mesmerized by the lights and by all of the memorials!

Saturday October 14, 2006:
The plan was to get up for sunrise. Ha Ha! I tried my best to wake up when it was still dark, but it wasn't completely black out when I left the house. I thought I had paid close attention to the way to downtown DC the night before, but apparently I had not. I exited the wrong road, and was all turned around. I did finally arrive downtown DC about 1/2 hour later. As I arrived, the sun was coming up brightly, and I stationed myself at the Iwo-Jima Memorial and took several shots from varying angles. I didn’t even know the new movie, Flags of Our Fathers, was coming out. Then I headed to the Netherlands Bell Tower. After the Netherlands Bell Tower, I needed (yes, needed) to find a Starbucks (yum). Found it! Next I wanted to get to the Lincoln Memorial, but the roads were blocked and I kept driving in circles. The road I needed to exit was blocked because the President was to attend the dedication of the new Air Force Memorial. The Iwo-Jima Memorial is not that far from the Lincoln Memorial, BUT, with the exit blocked, it took me at least 45 minutes to get there, as I kept driving in circles (again). I was never lost though, as the Washington Monument always gave me an orientation point. I didn’t take too many pictures at the Lincoln Memorial at this time because there were already many people there. I did get a pretty good Lincoln Memorial “white column” photograph though. It was at this time, that I dubbed the DC part of the voyage as the “White Column” trip, as there are many, many white column photos (I will spare you all of them). A walk to the Washington Monument was next, passing the new World War II Memorial along the way. I didn’t go to the top of the monument, as I was too late to get a ticket. After a brief nap back at Peggy’s, the Jefferson Memorial was next,. I captured several shots of the white columns here. Then I walked to the White House, where I was told I couldn’t use my tripod and also where some guy was shouting, “Thumbs up, or thumbs down for President Bush.” I was just there for the photographic opportunity, so I ignored the guy! After a hard dry pretzel with mustard in the park near the White House, I headed to the World War II memorial in hopes of some good sunset shots of the Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool. The colors of the sky and the light did yield some great shots, both of the Lincoln Memorial and of the Washington Monument behind me. After these shots, it was time to head home (Peggy’s).

Sunday October 15, 2006:
I did wake up in time for sunrise, but just barely. No roads were blocked, so I made it to the Lincoln Memorial easily, just in time for the awesome light of the morning. Starbucks was next, and then I headed to Union Station. The glass on the ceiling of Union Station allowed for great shades of blue. Then was the Capitol, where several “white column” photos were taken. The next stop was the Supreme Court with more “white columns.” After the Supreme Court, I stopped by the National Archives Building. The door to the building is HUGE! Once inside, it was neat to see the original documents of this country. The dossier specifically stated there is no map on the back of the Declaration of Independence, like there was in the movie National Treasure with Nicholas Cage. She said they had even photocopied the back to show people. After this stop, it was time to head to Baltimore!!

Saturday October 21, 2006:
I woke up early to get shots of the Inner Harbor. Baltimore, MD. The reflections on the water from the building lights and the morning sun were gorgeous. There was quietness, calmness and a serenity about the harbor that permitted contemplative thought while I watched the sun come up. Remember the guy yelling, "Thumbs up, Thumbs down for President Bush?" I saw him this morning in Baltimore too! Strange that I would see him twice. I guess it could have been another guy yelling the same thing, but something about the way he was saying it made me think it was the same guy. My next stop was the Naval Academy, but not for photos. Annapolis is a very quaint little town, and had I been able to spend more time there, I would have taken numerous photos. I’ll get them next time I am in the area. My last stop on this east coast adventure was the Inner Harbor once again for sunset photos. What beautiful light fell and reflected off the water and buildings!!!

Sunday October 22, 2006:
Home I went!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My First Solo Road Trip

Well, I recently just returned from my first solo road trip. I had a blast!! I traveled from Austin to Colorado Springs and back. The main purpose of the trip was to meet with a gallery owner that’s opening a gallery in Manitou Springs (right outside of Colorado Springs). She wants to exhibit my work there. I am very excited about this opportunity!!! I also took lots and lots of photos. Starbucks and Arby’s were the restaurants of choice for this road trip. Thank goodness for XM satellite radio and for books on tape!!!

Day 1: Saturday July 29, 2006
I joined AAA and then headed to Amarillo via I-35 and US 287 (87). This part of the trip was fairly uneventful. I didn’t stop to take any photos at all. My mission was just to get to Amarillo. I did stop by Arby’s and ordered a Jamocha shake and mozzarella cheese sticks (I Love Cheese). I arrived around midnight and stayed at a crappy hotel.

Day 2: Sunday July 30, 2006
I had planned to wake up at 5:30 and head out. LOL..that didn’t happen. I ended up waking around 7 or 8. I stopped at Starbucks and then went to Cadillac Ranch. It was really cool and colorful.
After Cadillac Ranch, I headed out on 287 (87) toward New Mexico. Along the way, I visited the Capulin Volcano in New Mexico. It is an inactive cinder cone volcano. I walked along the edge, and saw the remnants of old lava flows. It was really neat!

I stopped at Arby’s once again for a Jamocha Shake and cheese sticks. I drove into Colorado Springs around 6:30 or so. I had forgotten how beautiful Colorado is!! Once in Colorado Springs, I drove around hoping something would seem familiar to me, but it did not. Then again, when I attended the Academy, I didn’t get out much. As luck would have it, I was able to stay with a friend of a friend instead of at a hotel(Thanks Beth and Karen!!)

Day 3: Monday July 31, 2006
This day was full!!
First, I visited the Air Force Academy. I hadn’t been back in 16 years and I expected it to be a very emotional experience, and that I would be sad for having left it and the opportunities I would have had, had I stayed and graduated. It was not that way at all!! I found myself smiling at the buildings, especially the structure of the Chapel. I took several photos that would capture the beauty of this structure, which I will use in some upcoming pieces .

I found myself feeling very proud and happy of where I am today!! Life is good! I do wish I could have seen the cadets marching to lunch, but no cadets were there to do this, since school has not started for them.
Next, I spent several hours at the Garden of the Gods. I took lots and lots of photos. The rock formations are awesome!!

After the Garden of the Gods, I headed to the Fine Arts Center, but it was closed. Therefore, I went to Seven Falls. As the name indicates, it is a waterfall that has 7 small waterfalls to it. As I was leaving, I saw that the falls have colored lights that are turned on at night. I went back after dark.

I met with the owner of Colachi Arts at 6:30. I was excited and glad to meet with her. The gallery opens Aug. 19, 2006 in Manitou Springs. I left 3 pieces with her to be exhibited. I can now say that I am represented by a gallery, and Manitou is a great artsy place in which to be represented. If you happen to get to out that way, please stop by and see all the work there.

Day 4: Tuesday Aug. 1, 2006
I slept in and then left the Springs around 12:30. I took my time stopping along the way to see animals and the views.

The Royal Gorge was first on the list of places to stop on the way home. I was there for hours, taking pictures upon pictures upon pictures. If you haven’t been to the Royal Gorge, I suggest that you go.

After the Royal Gorge was the Pueblo Reservoir. I wasn’t there long as it began to storm and the sun was beginning to set.

I stayed in Springfield, CO for the night in a cute little family-owned hotel called the Stage Stop Hotel.

Day 5: Wednesday Aug. 2, 2006
While driving I listened to a book by Mary Higgins Clark, which was, ironically, about cadets, though the description didn’t explain this aspect. It was a good book.
Palo Duro Canyon was next on the list of places to stop. It was really cool! It’s like a mini grand canyon.

The last stopping point, other than home, was the San Angelo State Park.

Day 6: Thursday Aug. 3, 2006
I arrived home at 1:00 am. I love road trips!! I can’t wait to go on the next one!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pictures Pictures Pictures

Over the last week or so, I have taken several sunset and sunrsie pictures, and seen and tried to photograph 3 fireworks displays. I would say that I took some decent shots, but will not know for sure until I have looked at them more carefully. I'll post some if they are decent! My dad and I went to 2 of the fireworks displays together, the second of which was at Carlos N Charlies on Lake Travis. While we were eating and waiting for it to get dark, we saw Topher Grace (of That 7o's Show) . That was kind of exciting and fun. I guess he is filming some movie here, though I do not know the name.

The box to send the artwork is almost done. I thought I would be done with it by now, but have a few more things to finish on it.

I have also checked with some galleries in Sedona, AZ on the advice of some friends. A few said that my work probably wouldn't fit in their gallery, and I am waiting for the others to respond. One gallery told me that they wouldn't represent me because I have my work for sale online. It was an interesting explanation, however.

Well.. that's it for now.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What a super sunset tonight!!

What a great Austin sunset there was tonight!!!!!!!!! The sky was beautiful with shades of pink, mauve and blue! I wish I had been able to get some shots......I didn't know it was going to be so beautiful. Had I known, I wouldn't have gone to have pizza. But I love Pizza! Other than that, today I bought some wood to make a box for a piece of art. I hope to finish the box by the end of the week. Then I can send the artwork off to its owner.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My first post

This is my first post ever. So who am I, you ask? I am an Austin mixed-media artist trying to get my work out there and seen. I have just hung up work a certain coffee house chain (not to be named) here in Austin. It is located at Far West and Hart Lane, by a local middle school. What else have I been doing these days? I have been working on some of my images on the computer and taking care of some other "admin" stuff that is necessary. I am anxious to get back to full completion of my pieces, though the welding and grinding of the frames can get really hot, and it has been really really hot here in Austin. BUT......I will be out there again soon!!