Thursday, May 08, 2008

Old Pecan Street Art Festival

Saturday May 3, 2008
I cannot believe that I never wanted to do the Pecan St Art festival. Thousands passed by my booth, and I spoke with many interesting and fun people. My location was great! I was on 6th St between San Jacinto and Brazos. Since many people entered at Brazos, I was almost at the beginning. It was awesome! A very exciting part of Saturday was when a couple came into my booth at the very end of the evening and purchased 3 pieces! Yeehaw!! This was the first time this had happened, so it was very, very exciting! They came into my booth and decided on "Austin Alive," but then decided to get 2 more. Their reasoning was that "RAWRRRRR" represented him, "Behind Every Great Building" represented her and "Austin Alive" represented the two of them together. This was a cool interpretation, And very exciting!!! 

Sunday May 4, 2008
I arrived at my booth to find that it had been inhabited overnight by a visitor. There was security, but the person obviously entered my tent when the security patrol had passed. He/she left behind liquid remnants. The velvet cover on from my table was soaked with urine. I am sure that he/she didn’t want to get caught, so by urinating on the velvet cover, none leaked out to street giving away his/her location. It was soooooooo disgusting!!! Luckily for me, the 24 hr store across the way gave me a plastic bag so that I could take the cover off and wrap it up. And I had antibacterial wipes with which to wash my hands afterwards. I was fortunate enough to have another velvet cover that I used to replace the wet one. As a matter of fact I have 5 total velvet covers, so the person could have stayed for 3 more nights (J/K--gross)… My neighbors happen to sell fragrance oils, so Kiki came over and dropped some around my booth. Ocean Breeze replaced the yucky urine smell….Ha Ha……..I will definitely find a way to lock my zippers so that my tent isn’t as easily accessible. The whole story is very funny now…….………LOL….
In addition to the overnight visitor excitement, I spoke with several people about possible exhibitions. Both are local restaurants, with Kerbey Lane being a place that I really like to eat (especially their Kerbey Queso…yum yum….I love cheese). I am not sure exactly when the exhibitions will take place, but I will update you as soon as I know!
Overall, the Pecan St Art Festival was a great time! I love people watching and talking with people so it was right up my alley. The days were long, but well worth it. I will give it a try in the fall so that I can compare to my results this past weekend.

The Madonna CD is excellent. I have listened to it non-stop for the last week. I really like it. My
favorite song on it right now is “She’s Not Me.