Thursday, March 27, 2008

“Mr.________”—memories of the past

Awhile ago, Katharine Hepburn’s name came up in conversation, which led to a discussion of my telemarketing job for a local portrait department while I was living in Tucson. I was about 21 at the time. My job was to call people to tell them that they could win a free 8 x 10 if they were able to answer a question concerning the Oscar winner for Best Actress in 1969. People probably didn’t know that there was a tie that year and that both Barbra Streisand and Katharine Hepburn won. The people I was calling had a 66% chance of winning the 8 x10. So where is this story going, you ask? Well nowhere really, except that telemarketing wasn’t for me and I proceeded to seek another job…….enter “Mr. ____.” I'll refrain from using his name (if that was even his name). He was an older man of about 60 or so. He said he owned a construction company and that he built additions onto homes and such. He had advertised for an “assistant” in the newspaper (when we still looked for jobs in newspapers). His office was within walking distance of our apartment which was definitely a plus……..On the day of my interview, I walked over to his office, which was barren with the exception of a few old pieces of furniture and a very old typewriter that looked as if it were from the 1920s…….During the interview, “Mr. _______” asked me a few basic interview questions, and then told me I needed to take a typing test…….ha ha ha ha ha…….guess what? I passed…..He even immediately hired to start the next day. I arrived at 8:00 am the next day. The morning’s task was for me to walk around a neighborhood and place flyers in people’s doors to advertise his construction services. In the afternoon the goal was to go and check out the progress of a current addition project. It sure was a long drive to the site. Along the way, “Mr. ______” began telling me about all the trips we would be taking…to Las Vegas… to Mexico… etc….. It became very apparent that his definition of “assistant” and my definition of “assistant” were two completely different things. Needless to say, I did not show up for “work” the next day. I didn’t get paid either.  

Monday, March 03, 2008

MOD Coffeehouse--FUN FUN FUN

Saturday Mar. 1, 2008:
The Artwalk at MOD Coffehouse and Cafe was great on Saturday night. I was able to talk to many fun people. Hillary and Obama campaigners had set up across the street from each other because they knew that there would be many people to talk to before Mar 4 (voting day in TX)........Around 8:30 pm or so, we received a flyer stating that Melanie Griffith , and others, would be at MOD on Sunday from 11-12. We had no idea any Hollywood people would be in Galveston. So of course, we planned to come back to MOD in the morning!

Sunday Mar 2, 2008:
Dad and I headed back to MOD in Galveston around 8:00 am. We arrived at MOD, bought a coffee, surfed the web and hung out until 11:00. Not only did Melanie Griffith show up, but so did Erika Alexander, Christine Lahti, and other special guests. They spoke about why people should vote for Hillary Clinton, answered questions from the audience (of about 24), and then sat down separately with small groups of people to answer questions. Melanie went outside while the others remained inside MOD. Of course people took the opportunity to ask for photographs.

Melanie Griffith:
I hadn't even brought my camera in because I thought it would have been dorky to ask for a picture. But when everyone started asking, Dad retrieved his camera from the van. I asked for a picture with Melanie Griffith. Sometime between my asking and actually taking the photo, someone mentioned that my artwork was inside. Melanie told me that it was ,"Great work." So Dad took the picture, and strangely enough Melanie said to me afterward, "You smell good." Ha ha ha......I thanked her and went back into MOD. Later inside MOD, Melanie complimented me once again on my work, and when I asked if she wanted a card, she "yes" with some enthusiasm. Later, I saw her talking to Angela, the owner of MOD, about a piece called, "Waiting for Her" (a piece with a peacock).

Erika Alexander:
I was standing by the counter inside MOD and Erika Alexander introduced herself to me. Earlier she had stated that she drove from Austin. When I told her I was from Austin, she asked why I was there. I explained that my work was hanging in MOD and that I had been there for the opening reception. Erika then complimented me on work as well, and genuinely seemed interested in it. She took the time to really look around. When I asked if she minded if Dad took a picture, she obliged. Then she asked Dad to take a picture of us with her camera and the artwork in the background. That was pretty cool. She took my card as well.

Christine Lahti:
I didn't get a chance to talk to her, but spoke really highly of Hillary Clinton.

All-in-all it was just fun fun fun!