Thursday, September 08, 2016

You’re in the Inspiration

What am I inspired by? I guess it depends on my mood. Most often I’m inspired by nature. I love all that nature has to offer-the colors, the patterns, the drama that the changing light of sunrise and sunset has on Earth’s natural formations, the pieces of Earth’s history, the aspects that are being altered right before my eyes, the living organisms, and the overall beauty and serenity that nature has to offer while I’m there (wherever there is).

I’m inspired by skylines and I am constantly in awe by the fact that humans are able to construct all the beautiful buildings and  bridges that we do.

Many times, I’m inspired by people I know-my friends, my family and the experiences that we’ve shared together, both here and far. From these experiences, my interpretations take shape and form.

Sometimes, I’m inspired by the people from relationships that didn’t last, whatever the duration. I have come to realize that these relationships weren’t meant to be, or at least not in the capacity that I originally hoped for. To those who may think you have been my inspiration: Realize that the art I have created is for me, not for you, and the creative process is cathartic and helped me heal. It is my story to tell, though I do thank you for the inspiration…I, like many artists, visual or other, create works that are inspired by heart-wrenching moments in time…

Occasionally, I am inspired by random strangers. I’m inspired by their stories, though I hesitate to create works based on these strangers. I cannot say I’ve never done this, however. I probably owe an apology to a an actor for creating works after a brief encounter with him (if it was him even). He probably has no idea I even made the pieces (though it is a small world, and again if it was him). Years later, I ask myself why I created them. Did the pieces help him in any way? I may never know. On the other hand, maybe he does know, and maybe I told the right story-the one in which someone rises from the darkest, lowest point possible in life but yet and ends up in a truly much better, happier, place; a place that's full of light. Maybe, just maybe, that encounter was truly NOT random. Perhaps we really all are connected by an invisible red thread, and that we are meant to cross paths in order to inspire and help each other see.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

To Blog or not to Blog……that is the question…

The name of my blog is “Reflections of an Austin Artist,” yet I haven’t relayed these reflections much, nor have I written any blog posts, since August 2011.  I’m not sure why I haven’t. Perhaps it’s because I think I’ve been too busy. Perhaps it’s because it’s difficult for me sit down, think about a topic and then write about it. Perhaps it’s because I have a difficult time writing exactly how I feel and/or letting people into my world and head. Perhaps it’s because I fear that my reflections, stories and adventures aren’t all that enlightening or important or entertaining to others. Perhaps whether or not others find my writing or experiences interesting just shouldn’t matter anyway, as I should be writing for myself.  As an artist, we all say, “I create work (whether it is visual art, music, writing, etc.) because I love to create.” This is an absolute truth, and we are driven (though sometimes we all need pushes) but no artist can deny the fact that it feels good when others appreciate what we are doing.

Just yesterday I checked a blog I read periodically ( and saw that the blogger hadn’t posted anything since last September. I messaged the blogger to let her know that I enjoyed reading her posts, and the story she had started a few years ago. I had really liked the story and wanted to know how it ended. It was during the conversation back and forth with her that I said to myself, “Okay pot….”  So here I am, writing.

I do have tons to write about. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had some completely awesome experiences during my travels and during my art shows and just during life. I’ve taken the road less traveled ( often, both driving and walking, and have some really interesting and great adventures. That being said, that’s all for today…

To answer the question: Yes, to blogging, though how often I cannot say…but more than before…and I may need a kick every now and then….

Yay Art!

Next blog post: You’re the Inspiration (giving myself a pre-planned topic)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Story Behind Helping Hand

Imagine yourself on one of those tourist adventures in St Lucia (a tropical island in the West Indies). Imagine that you just completed the open-topped-jeep part of the adventure and you saw parts of the rain forest, a cocoa plantation, some waterfalls, the Gros and Petit Pitons (volcanic plugs), and some sulfur springs. You ate lunch at a picturesque, quaint restaurant that overlooks the Caribbean Sea. Now you are relaxing on the boat part of the adventure. There’s rum punch for all, made in a plastic garbage can, and the music of the island is blaring from speakers that probably need replacing. You are enjoying the warm summer rays on your face and the wind in your hair as the boat glides over the aquamarine colored water. Beautifully and brightly colored houses and shops line the shoreline as you pass……

This was where I was when I captured the image that inspired “Dive Shop”.
Upon coming into view of the dive shop, I observed several young men in a small boat and they appeared to be fishing. I couldn’t see from where I was, whether or not they had been successful in their attempts to catch fish. Who knows, maybe they weren’t fishing at all. But in my mind, and in my memory, they were. This scene stayed in my mind as I left this beautiful island.

When I returned home, this adventure and scene inspired several works of art. As you, may or may not, know, I always create my work in groups of two. One piece is the image ingrained in mind (and in pixels). The other is an interpretation of the scene in an abstract or figurative way. Everyone needs a “Helping Hand” and now and then, so far away, back at home, I wished this for them!

More about St Lucia (though not an authoritative source :)
St Lucia

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Dad, the Benchwarmer!

No, this isn’t about sports, and my dad was a good athlete, so I doubt he sat on the sidelines much. This IS, however, about a “bench.”

I have always LOVED working with my hands, working with tools, and creating “stuff.” My first recollection of constructing anything was when I made a “bench” for my dad. I don’t recall my age. If I had to guess, I would say I was between 5-7 years. I don’t remember, either, whether the “bench” was for his birthday or for Father’s Day. I do, however, remember how ingenious, creative and innovative I felt I was. This “bench” was the best idea ever and would be a wonderful gift!!

Okay, so my dad actually helped me build the “bench, ” but the idea was MINE. First, we (he) cut a 2” x 4” board into 3 pieces. We used a hand saw and mitre box. This is the actual saw and mitre box. (My dad keeps almost everything.)

Second, we connected the three pieces with nails and a hammer (sorry, he did NOT keep the bench to show you):

Third, I painted the “bench” myself in shades of blue , and presented “my” gift to Dad. He was grateful, but, I’m fairly confident that he never actually warmed the bench. :)

Through this first memorable experience of using tools and construction, I learned to be proud and empowered by my ideas. I still feel that way each and every time I finish a piece of artwork now! My tools today are much more sophisticated, however!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blog Name Change- 2 X

Saturday, I changed the blog name.

Today, I changed the blog name again. The new new title encompasses me better!

And on the blog wagon I go (again.)