Thursday, September 08, 2016

You’re in the Inspiration

What am I inspired by? I guess it depends on my mood. Most often I’m inspired by nature. I love all that nature has to offer-the colors, the patterns, the drama that the changing light of sunrise and sunset has on Earth’s natural formations, the pieces of Earth’s history, the aspects that are being altered right before my eyes, the living organisms, and the overall beauty and serenity that nature has to offer while I’m there (wherever there is).

I’m inspired by skylines and I am constantly in awe by the fact that humans are able to construct all the beautiful buildings and  bridges that we do.

Many times, I’m inspired by people I know-my friends, my family and the experiences that we’ve shared together, both here and far. From these experiences, my interpretations take shape and form.

Sometimes, I’m inspired by the people from relationships that didn’t last, whatever the duration. I have come to realize that these relationships weren’t meant to be, or at least not in the capacity that I originally hoped for. To those who may think you have been my inspiration: Realize that the art I have created is for me, not for you, and the creative process is cathartic and helped me heal. It is my story to tell, though I do thank you for the inspiration…I, like many artists, visual or other, create works that are inspired by heart-wrenching moments in time…

Occasionally, I am inspired by random strangers. I’m inspired by their stories, though I hesitate to create works based on these strangers. I cannot say I’ve never done this, however. I probably owe an apology to a an actor for creating works after a brief encounter with him (if it was him even). He probably has no idea I even made the pieces (though it is a small world, and again if it was him). Years later, I ask myself why I created them. Did the pieces help him in any way? I may never know. On the other hand, maybe he does know, and maybe I told the right story-the one in which someone rises from the darkest, lowest point possible in life but yet and ends up in a truly much better, happier, place; a place that's full of light. Maybe, just maybe, that encounter was truly NOT random. Perhaps we really all are connected by an invisible red thread, and that we are meant to cross paths in order to inspire and help each other see.

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