Wednesday, March 23, 2016

To Blog or not to Blog……that is the question…

The name of my blog is “Reflections of an Austin Artist,” yet I haven’t relayed these reflections much, nor have I written any blog posts, since August 2011.  I’m not sure why I haven’t. Perhaps it’s because I think I’ve been too busy. Perhaps it’s because it’s difficult for me sit down, think about a topic and then write about it. Perhaps it’s because I have a difficult time writing exactly how I feel and/or letting people into my world and head. Perhaps it’s because I fear that my reflections, stories and adventures aren’t all that enlightening or important or entertaining to others. Perhaps whether or not others find my writing or experiences interesting just shouldn’t matter anyway, as I should be writing for myself.  As an artist, we all say, “I create work (whether it is visual art, music, writing, etc.) because I love to create.” This is an absolute truth, and we are driven (though sometimes we all need pushes) but no artist can deny the fact that it feels good when others appreciate what we are doing.

Just yesterday I checked a blog I read periodically ( and saw that the blogger hadn’t posted anything since last September. I messaged the blogger to let her know that I enjoyed reading her posts, and the story she had started a few years ago. I had really liked the story and wanted to know how it ended. It was during the conversation back and forth with her that I said to myself, “Okay pot….”  So here I am, writing.

I do have tons to write about. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had some completely awesome experiences during my travels and during my art shows and just during life. I’ve taken the road less traveled ( often, both driving and walking, and have some really interesting and great adventures. That being said, that’s all for today…

To answer the question: Yes, to blogging, though how often I cannot say…but more than before…and I may need a kick every now and then….

Yay Art!

Next blog post: You’re the Inspiration (giving myself a pre-planned topic)

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Frances Peterson said...

Blog on! I found myself floating on the water just in veiw of that dive shop you last wrote about and I was completely enjoying myself. I have a blog that I just can't seem to keep myself inspired to keep going so I can relate to what your saying here. I would love to read more about your adventures so, BLOG ON!