Monday, July 25, 2011

My Dad, the Benchwarmer!

No, this isn’t about sports, and my dad was a good athlete, so I doubt he sat on the sidelines much. This IS, however, about a “bench.”

I have always LOVED working with my hands, working with tools, and creating “stuff.” My first recollection of constructing anything was when I made a “bench” for my dad. I don’t recall my age. If I had to guess, I would say I was between 5-7 years. I don’t remember, either, whether the “bench” was for his birthday or for Father’s Day. I do, however, remember how ingenious, creative and innovative I felt I was. This “bench” was the best idea ever and would be a wonderful gift!!

Okay, so my dad actually helped me build the “bench, ” but the idea was MINE. First, we (he) cut a 2” x 4” board into 3 pieces. We used a hand saw and mitre box. This is the actual saw and mitre box. (My dad keeps almost everything.)

Second, we connected the three pieces with nails and a hammer (sorry, he did NOT keep the bench to show you):

Third, I painted the “bench” myself in shades of blue , and presented “my” gift to Dad. He was grateful, but, I’m fairly confident that he never actually warmed the bench. :)

Through this first memorable experience of using tools and construction, I learned to be proud and empowered by my ideas. I still feel that way each and every time I finish a piece of artwork now! My tools today are much more sophisticated, however!!

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